• Alejandro

    Hola! Somos de México, la compra de suministros y cortinas de la cocina, manteles, almohadas, etc., Mona está muy familiarizado con el mercado y saber qué productos en los que el área, y nos ayuda a encontrar los proveedores más baratos, que ...

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  • Said

    John à titre d'agent d'achat dans le marché de Yiwu, Shaoxing et le marché du tissu, responsable, avant chaque expédition vérifiera soigneusement chaque produit, puis envoyez-nous des photos. Nous lui recommandons de vous, je l'espère pour v...

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  • Hoshino mamori

    弊社は義烏市場にてジュエリー、ネックレス、ブレスレット、ヘアバンド、ヘアクリップなどを購入しています。 義烏市場は素晴らしい市場である、安価で、小ロットで仕事拡大できます...

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  • Izziyah

    We are clothes and accessories company,has own brand for sells lots of jewelry, ladies dress,scarf,hats,gloves,and legwarmmer,fashion stockings and other accessoreis as well. Antony as our purchasing agent,we are sourcing in Yiwu commodity market to...

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  • Dilhan

    Hi Guys!We are family company,we have a company wholesale fabrics in Sri lanka. We ask Antony to help us souce,inspection,consolidation and also arrange shipment for us. We just started fabric 2 years ago,and our customers needs lots of different fa...

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  • Umesh

    We come from Nepal,and we are selling kint stretch fabric and jacquard fabric. this is my second time go to fabric market and source jacquard fabric, elastic knitted fabrics . We spend 4 days in Shaoxing Fabric market and factory, Antony helped us ...

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