Shaoxing Guide

Shaoxing Guide

Shaoxing City 
Shaoxing city is located in China’s eastern Zhejiang province,very near of Hangzhou City,and 1 hour from Hangzhou air port by car.
Shaoxing is the most vibrant ,bustling textile manufacturing, trading and distribution hubs in the world.
Shaoxing is one of the largest textile production bases on the Chinese mainland with about 10,000 relevant enterprises producing all kinds of textile products. More than three million tonnes of chemical fibres are produced in Keqiao district shaoxing city, in addition to 16.5 billion metres of printed and dyed fabrics and more than 200 million garment items. Together, these generate annual exports of textile fabrics worth more than US$10bn. The economic value generated by Keqiao’s textile industry accounts for 10 per cent of the national total. A complete product chain is in place, with items ranging from PTA and chemical fibres to polyester fabrics; dyed and printed fabrics to garments and home textiles. 

The following china map to indicate where Shaoxing is.

Visit Shaoxing
Shaoxing fabric market is made up of several of fabric markets,like China textile city,Union market,Jingpin market.
like yiwu market , also always open,even in weekend and holiday,in addition to the Chinese New Year.
Here give top 5 reasons to visit Shaoxing Fabric Market.
1) The world's most complete fabric exhibition center and the export base.
2) Shaoxing market has the widest range of fabrics and quantity in the world,has more than 60,000 boothes.
3) Most of fabrics has stocks
4) Small quantity if avaliable,like 100 meters each fabric is no problem.
Foreign resident office number ranked 2 in China,Shaoxing foreign enterprise resident representative office
    has reached 2,800,they love purchaseing fabric will be love here too.

First time go to Shaoxing

Before you visit Yiwu/ China
1. Booking Ticket flight Shanghai or Hangzhou Airport
    (from Hangzhou airport to Shaoxing market is 1 hour,from Shanghai airport to Shaoxing market is 3 hours);
2. Booking Hotel (We will booking as your require and get target price).
3. If you still not get the Visa, We will send you our company`s Invitation, that you can get Visa to China for business trip.
4. The date when your arrive Shanghai Airport or Hangzhou Airport, we will wait at airport with our workmate and our car to pick up you

During you visit Shaoxing/China  
5. After picks you up from airport, we will drive you to your hotel, and then have dinner with us at local restaurant. Finish dinner we will take you to visit my office.
6. Take rest first night, at the next day, we will visit the professional market or direct factory, (it Depends on your quantity, if more quantity will visit direct factory,
    if many item and each item not more quantity, will visit professional market)
7. I will follow you all the business trip in China (local car and negotiate price and as your interpreter)
8. Calculate the total CBM, how many container, how to loading, by air or by sea), finish order.

After you visit Shaoxing
 9. Pay 30% deposits to my office, we will pay to all suppliers.
10. Before Delivery date, we will push all supplier will finish order before delivery day!
11. Our QC will go to check each supplier's goods.
12. Booking Container and shipping to you!
13. DHL to you the documents paper for B/L, C/O, packing and invoice!
14. You receive container
15. when your goods get quality and quantity or any problem, we will in charge for you and negotiate to supplier

Shaoxing Time
Yiwu is Beijing time.
Beijing     Time GMT+8

Tokyo      Time GMT+9
New york Time GMT-5
London    Time GMT 0

Shaoxing Weather 
Today is Sep 25th,2016 (Sun) Sunny Min 22 
- Max 30 

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